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Join us for Sistahood & Spoken Word on January 16, 2015!

Join Powerhouse Media Group (PMG) on Friday, January 16, 2015 at Fifty Eighteen Restaurant (5018 Princess Anne Road, Norfolk, VA) as we present our "Sistahood & Spoken Word" event. We're going to have several accomplished spoken word artists to perform including Neisha Purvis aka Beautiful Dizaster and Sis Falomi.

Each "Sistahood & Spoken Word" event has a cause attached to it. For the month of January, we're focusing on Domestic Violence. A portion of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to BXC Magazine -Box Cutter, which was founded by Vicky Ashby and Olivia Ashby.

So come and enjoy some amazing Featured Spoken Word artists along with the "Open Mic" session. Plus, there is delicious dining to enjoy at Fifty Eighteen. Admission is $10.

For more information or to sign up to participate, please contact Feona Sharhran Huff at (757) 202-3264 or powerhouse4ever@gmail.com.



Step Into Your Power with Feona Sharhran Huff's Motivational Messages

Do you need motivation to become a highly-effective YOU in 2015? Your need will met when you read "Powerhouse Pointers: Motivational Messages for Personal and Professional Empowerment" by award-winning journalist Feona Sharhran Huff.

After you read this book...

¤ You'll know how to tap into your innate power by way of thinking, speaking and acting powerfully

¤ You'll approach and respond to situations differently.

¤ You'll respect your time and space that much more.

¤ You'll drop-kick all those negative inside voices.

¤ You'll be motivated to share these messages with someone else.

Order your copy today for $10.95 at http://abookstore.iuniverse.com/…/S…/POWERHOUSE-POINTERS.aspx.

For more information, please contact Feona Sharhran Huff at (757) 202-3264 or powerhouse4ever@gmail.com.


Girls Learn that Being Pretty Doesn't Have to Hurt at PMG Workshop

Pretty doesn't have to hurt. That's what 10 girls learned recently at Powerhouse Media Group's self-esteem building workshop "Pretty Doesn't Have to Hurt". Hosted and moderated by teen spoken word phenomenon Young Legend, the girls - ages 5 to 17 - had a safe space to share what's been pressing on their spirits with respect to their self-image, how others perceive and treat them and their battles with issues such as bullying. They walked away with newfound friendships, a stronger self-esteem and regal silver handheld mirrors.

If you'd like to bring this workshop to your youth group, please email us at powerhouse4ever@gmail.com or call (757) 202-3264.

* Special thanks to Nicole Flowers Godsey for capturing these empowering moments.


Write Your Vision and Make it Plain in 2015

Written by Feona Sharhran Huff
Needed Supplies: Magazines, photos, poster board, scissors, glue, tape, markers and lot of creativity
A lot of us have goals that we’d like to accomplish. However, wanting to achieve them and creating a vision in order to achieve them are two different things. That’s why making a vision board is very important. A vision board mirrors the life that you’d like to live. Because we are visual people by nature, what we see is what we believe and move forward to achieve. So how do you put one together? There are 5 steps. Take heed and watch your comes become a reality.
1. Have a sitdown with yourself and consider your goals: What is it that you really want to accomplish? Find a nice comfortable chair, take a seat and focus on what you desire for your life.  Then, write your goals down on a piece of paper.
2. Cut out pictures from magazines that mirror the life you’d like to live: Browse through magazines that you like to read with the goal of finding pictures that reflect the goals you have for your life. You can also cut out words that say exactly what you want. For example, if you find the word “Millionaire at 40”, cut it out!
3. Decorate your vision board: Use glue to begin to piece together your vision board. Get creative using your photos, words and any other decorations you deem worthy of making your board speak to you.
4. Hang up your vision board in a visible location: Find a place in your house to hang up your vision board. Place it somewhere in which you can see it often. You want to look at it as many times as possible. The more you see, the more you will get the excited, the more you will go after your goals.
5. Get busy:  Congrats on completing your vision board. Now, the real work begins. You now have to take daily action steps in order to accomplish your goals. If you want to get out of debt, for example, action steps may include getting a copy of your credit reports, sitting down with a financial advisor, only paying cash for items as opposed to using a credit card, making a list before you go out shopping and sticking to it .


8 Tips for Beating the Holiday Blues & Beyond

Written by Feona Sharhran Huff
Depression gets real during the holidays and rears its ugly head throughout our days, weeks and months. However, we don't have to succumb to it. We must put up our dukes and fight to win. Here are eight tips you get you going in the right direction...

1. Journal: Let it all out - the good, the bad, the whatever. Don't censor what you write just write.

2. Write a letter/card to someone you care about and hand-deliver it.

3. Take a sabbatical: A lot of times we get depressed because we're burned out from trying to save the world. Take a time out from doing anything so you cam get refreshed and renewed. If you don't give to yourself the gift of rest, who will?!

4. Make it your business to surround yourself with friends and loved ones. Isolation and barricading yourself in the house won't help your situation.

5. Talk it out: Holding in pain, hurt, grief and the likes is toxic. In order to beat depression, you have to release what's eating away at you.

6. Celebrate and love on others who have done the same for you all year long: It’s pretty hard to be depressed when you're focused on someone else.

7. Feed someone's belly and spirit: If you love to cook (and are good at it!), fix a meal for someone you care for while also telling them how much they mean to you.

8. Create your own tradition: You don't have to follow the status quo if that's what leads to you becoming depressed. Make up your own holiday celebration and make it an annual situation.

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