Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Girls Learn that Being Pretty Doesn't Have to Hurt at PMG Workshop

Pretty doesn't have to hurt. That's what 10 girls learned recently at Powerhouse Media Group's self-esteem building workshop "Pretty Doesn't Have to Hurt". Hosted and moderated by teen spoken word phenomenon Young Legend, the girls - ages 5 to 17 - had a safe space to share what's been pressing on their spirits with respect to their self-image, how others perceive and treat them and their battles with issues such as bullying. They walked away with newfound friendships, a stronger self-esteem and regal silver handheld mirrors.

If you'd like to bring this workshop to your youth group, please email us at powerhouse4ever@gmail.com or call (757) 202-3264.

* Special thanks to Nicole Flowers Godsey for capturing these empowering moments.


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