Wednesday, September 28, 2011



I remember back in high school, people use to call me "Little Oprah" because I was making power moves in the journalism world. I have long admired Ms. Oprah Winfrey and would tune in to her at 4 pm with my grandmother to watch her TV show. Ms. Winfrey is a BEAST at communications. She is a true media mogul. But, there is ONLY one her. And, there is ONLY one Feona Sharhran Huff. I can't do it like Ms. Winfrey and she can't do it like me. We are two different people with our own unique personality and skillset. The next time someone calls you the "NEXT" anything, kindly thank them for the association but gently remind them that you are authentic. There's NO ONE like you. You are "IT."


Photo Opts with Fellow Powerhouses!

Feona Sharhran Huff with Gerald "Teddy Bear" Levert in 1999 at ASCAP Awards
During my 20-year career as a journalist, I have interviewed, shook hands with and got my "Kodak" moment on, with some of the most celebrated celebrities. I've never been "celeb" awe struck, however, there have been several entertainers and singers who WOWed me with their authentic and down-to-earth personalities (and no, they weren't acts). Meeting the late Gerald "Teddy Bear" Levert (whose pictured here with me) while a publist in New York City was a treat, as well as was chummin' it up with Brian McKnight at a Celebrity Basketball Fundraiser (when I was pregnant with Lady Clara), being encouraged by "The Fresh Prince" star James Avery (while a sophomore journalism major at Norfolk State University) and having talk time with fellow powerhouse The Rev. Al Sharpton (at a Columbia University press conference). Meeting them all has enriched my life and continued my career. I am thankful!

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