Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Honor Roll Student Writes About Nelson Mandela's Life

On December 6, 2013, I put out a challenge on Facebook to the youth. I said that the first young person to submit a 300-word essay on who Nelson Mandela was and what great things he did for his country and the world, would be featured on Powerhouse Media Group's website. I gave a deadline of Decemeber 9, 2013 at 5 pm as a deadline.
The first (and ONLY) youth to submit an essay was my son, Timothy Huff. Although it was not exactly 300 words, I thanked him for rising to the challenge. This act is not surprising, though. Timothy (who I affectionally call "Sir Isaac") wakes up for all of us to get started on his school day. He tries to be the first in his classroom in the morning. When he gets home from school, he sits down to do his homework before he even grabs a snack. He is a natural born leader and an honor roll student. He is a member of the mime troupe Out The Box Kidz and plays recreational basketball with the Indian River Heat (#12).  He loves math and building things  and aspires to be an architect.
So, without further ado, here is Timothy "Sir Isaac" Huff's essay entitled "Nelson Mandela: A Man You Need to Know."

Nelson Mandela: A Man You Need to Know
By Timothy "Sir Isaac" Huff

Nelson Mandela, once the President of South Africa, died on December 5, 2013. He was 95 years old. He challenged history. He was sentenced to jail in 1964. He was facing the death penality on charges of sabotage at attempting a violent overthrow of the government. He was kept a prisioner on Robin Island. Mandela wanted a rainbow nation.
Mandela was freed when he was 71 years old. He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his life's work. Mandela gave South Africans freedom. He was really brave. At the news of his death, people all over the world cried, sang and danced in remembrance of him.
We, the people, should have our freedom! Kids, parents and other people got killed by racist people. As we pay tribute to a man who sacrificed so much for his country and the word, Mandela's legacy shall go on for decades and his push for freedon will live in us.

Timothy "Sir Isaac" Huff

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