Saturday, July 30, 2011



On this news this morning, a Bronx, NY woman -- whose family's apartment was completely damaged by yesterday's flood -- said she doesn't know what she, her unemployed husband and three children are going to do now. Nothing is salvagable so they will have to start over. They didn't have renter's insurance. We never know when a disaster is going to happen. This incident is a wake-up call to be protected in case of emergency. Strongly consider purchasing renter's insurance. I'm looking into it TODAY!

Friday, July 29, 2011



Recently, I was contacted by a female entertainer and fellow "powerhouse" who I grew up admiring and listening to. She inquired about e working with her. I was humbled and thankful to God that this woman felt that the work that I do to empower other women worthy enough to seek my gift and talent for herself. You never know who is watching you. Let your work ethic be authentic and action-packed as well as result producing because your next client could be waiting in the wings. I can't until our conference call. It's ON!

Thursday, July 28, 2011



I was feeling a way this A.M. In trying to work through my emotions, I stopped by my friend's clothing store. Teasha and I talked about staying the course in the midst of challenges; to be steadfast no matter what. By the conclusion of our conversation (and my purchase!), I was back to being the powerful thinking woman that I know and love. Don't let your emotions rule your day. Talk it out.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Value your time today by disregarding anyone who calls or stops you to gossip, shoot the breeze or have conversation that doesn't mirror your action plan. Remember... Once time is gone, you can't get it back. So, maximize on your seconds, minutes and hours.



Today, I picked up the book, "The Early Show: Effects of Television on Children and Youth (2nd Ed). It got me to thinking about the amount of time children spend glued to what some refer to as "The Idiot Box." I know school is out and our children want to chill. But, I challenge you to turn off the tube and have them pick up a book. The book will build their mind. The TV? Not so much.



When Springtime sets in you indulge in the "Spring Cleaning" ritual. You throw out old clothes, furniture, papers and such. You refuse to go into the new season with old stuff. You want better for your space. Please consider doing this with the people in your life. Some don't belong in your world anymore.



If you ever feel mistreated while shopping (or window shopping, for that matter), please exercise your right to report your issue to the powers that be. The store employee can't get away with it if you let your voice be heard through the good ol' pen. It's powerful and intimidating. Check out my Note Oh How the Power of the Pen is Mighty (and Intimidating)! on Facebook where I talk about my experience in Elegance and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about!



If you are an employer and have to lay someone off, do so with decency and professionalism. Don't mail off a termination letter when you can call your employee in for a face-to-face exit interview. Just as there is karma with how you treat people on a personal level, so it is in the professional arena. What goes around comes back around.



Don't ignore your calling. If you do, someone else will answer your call and get what was supposed to be for you.



You can't become a powerful person from the seat of your comfort zone. Dare to step into your greatness RIGHT NOW. You will then be able to conquer higher heights, accomplish bigger goals, move mighty mountains and be a shining example of a powerhouse. And, that's what's really good!


Handle Your Employee's Exit with Decency and an Ounce of Humanity

This morning, I ran into one of my children's favorite cluster teachers. I hadn't seen Mr. Rosen since school closed for the summer. So, it was great to see him. I thought he was there to do finish packing up equipment that he wasn't able to complete before June ended. However, Mr. Rosen said he was packing up for good. What?! I couldn't understand why in the world would he be doing that. Until, he informed me that he got a pink slip in the mail and was taking home all of the basketballs, jump ropes, etc. that he amassed in the six years that he was the physical education instructor.

Mr. Rosen was hurt with how it happened. And, I was hurt for him. He was deeply disturbed that the school mailed him an "effective immediately" termination letter rather than giving him a head's up or at least bringing him into the office to tell him the bad news to his face. What also bothered Mr. Rosen -- and rightfuly so -- was that his years of dedicated service and loyalty to the students, staff, school and community didn't mean a thing based on how they handed his firing. What added fuel to the fire was that the principle emailed him a one-sentence message stating that she wanted him to "call" her regarding his job status. You talk about cold?!

The good thing in all of this is that Mr. Rosen has skills and possesses a strong resiliency. So, I know he's going to be just fine. He told me that although he was initially saddened, him being fired was actually the push he needed to pursue employment at a secondary school as well as coaching opportunities. I am glad saw the blessing in this situation. It still doesn't excuse how disloyal, unprofessional and just downright mean-spirited the school was in handling Mr. Rosen's termination.

If you are an employer, please consider handling your business with care and decency. It's quite understandable that given the economy and having to deal with budget cuts that you may have to lay off a few folks. But, do so with decency and order. Don't send a letter when you can very well call your employee in for a meeting. Cowards send letters. Professionals do face-to-face exit interviews. Just as there is karma with how you treat people on a personal level, so it is in the professional arena. What goes around comes back around. Be careful.

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