Thursday, May 12, 2011


Fit In

(dedicated to the child who wants to be included)

By Feona Sharhran Huff
May 2011 ©
I sit alone
Everybody else
Enjoying each other’s company
Why can’t I be down?
Don’t they see me?
Invisible, I’m NOT
I’m just across the table
But their backs are turned
Turn around
Read my face
Hear my heart
Smell my longing
Let me in

Monday, May 9, 2011


My Mother's Day Gift to Me: A Picnic in the Park with the "Girls."

After church this morning, I intended to take a community walk. I was going to replace my brown open-toe heels for some sneakers and get familiar with my neighborhood as I worked my leg muscles. While preparing to get my praise on, my sorority sister, Omena, texted me and invited me to a picnic in the partk. Perfect timing, I thought. I hadn't got together with a group of my girls in over a decade -- in fact, before I had Lady Clara. Oh, I was way overdo. Then I thought about my vision board. On it, was a picture of me and several woman sitting on a blanket in Central Park holding our glasses in the air, smiling real hard. I was excited about the forthcoming connection.

I went to the store and purchased some purple grapes, strawberries, Snack Wells white fudge drizzled caramel popcorn and Ocean Spray cranberry juice. My mom created a fruit salad and I packed all of the delicious and healthy goodies into a lime green insulated picnic basket that I purchased a year ago and was using for the first time today.

I kissed the kids and made my way to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. When I got there, I called up Omena and she guided me to the blankets where women sat waiting to greet the next mommy -- ME! We introduced ourselves to each and got busy connecting as women are so natural with doing. The weather was nice and more so it made for an extra pleasant experience.

I discovered that Melonie was a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate and talented wardrobe stylist with a deep desire to work with helping women who have been battered and abused as well as women living in shelters to feel good about themselves from the inside and out through fashion styling. I was awe inspired by Gina, who sat directly beside me. She is currently studying Chinese medicine, mades her own body butters and oils through her company called Ommmango Wellness Holisitic Healing, is a massage therapist and a chef. She made some Sorrell that was sweet and oh-so tasty! Then, there was Kim. She possesed a sweet spirit and had a beautiful smile. She illuminated with happiness. I met another sistah who is a dancer and is preparing for her July wedding (congrats!) to a wonderful man and fellow writer. We talked about youth empowerment.

While eating all of the wonderfully healthy foods, we had "girl talk" and strategized on ways that we can work together. As a result, we will be meeting up every Sunday now and once a month we will participate in an initiative that Omena calls "The Riding for Moms Campaign." She wants moms to be able to get together to ride their bikes to not only get fit but to begin positive dialogues and build a supportive community amongs each other. Out of our get-gether also came the idea for a pampering party featuring mini massages, healthy food and light entertainment as well as a workshop I will be leading called "Loving Yourself Inside and Out."

I really needed today. I just reminded me that I must make time to bond with "the girls" on a regular basis. I need it for my spirit and my growth. It's amazing the things can get accomplished and the good feeling you feel when you get together with women who love life and have purpose and passion.

We closed out our day by hugging each other and promising to follow up on all that we talked about.I walked away inspired and loved. I made new friends, created new concepts and ate some yummy food.

Thanks Soror Omena for inviting me to fellowship with "the girls." I thank myself for investing in me.

Happy Mother's Day!

Until I write you next... I'm just living the solo mommy life.

Love you!

Feona Sharhran Huff

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