Monday, March 25, 2013


Oh, I Got This SOL (A Poem Dedicated to Students Taking Their State Exam)

The following poem, "Oh, I Got This SOL" is dedicated to Clara Huff´╗┐, Timothy Huff´╗┐ and all students in third grade and up who will be taking SOLs (Standard of Learning) state exams in about two months. While I believe that our students should be tested on what they have learned throughout the school year, I DO NOT believe that it should determine their promotion to the next grade or be so heavily focused on that it causes our students to experience anxiety and serious doubt about what they know. To combat their fears, I have penned this piece to empower them to think positively and prepare knowing that they GOT THIS test on lock!

"Oh, I Got This SOL" (c) March 2013
by Feona Sharhran Huff

I am not worried about you exam
I got a fool proof plan to take you down
Oh, I got this SOL

Review is what I do everyday
Online practice
Workbooks from B&N
You think you're going to conquer me?
Oops.. think again
Oh, I got this SOL

When I get together with friends it's not to play the Wii, sports or play at all
We're going IN from civics to science and back around to math
Quizzing each other and the answering correctly is so cool
Oh, I got this SOL

I can see my scores right now
The results being "You Passed"
I'll be moving on to the next grade
Promotion in doubt?!
Not for me
Oh, I got this SOL

When it is said and done
It was my preparation and confidence in what I know that helped me with this one
I told you SOL, I got this!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


POWERHOUSE POINTER (Don't Add to a Full Plate)

I must admit that there have been times when I over extended myself with projects, activities and events.
I kept saying YES when I needed to say NO. The problem with this was that something didn't get done; oftentimes the very thing that needed to be a priority. The trials and issues of life may have showed up and caused me to fall out of balance therefore creating chaos with the schedule of what I already had on my plate as well as  with the additional things I committed myself to doing. Wanting to do it all sounds nice in theory but the practicality of it all is not always so practical to endeavor. I have now embraced the concept of first eating off of my plate what I already have on it. No longer will I add to a full plate. Remember this the next time you decide to do more when you know you're already at full capacity." ~ Feona Sharhran Huff, Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Media Group (Follow me on Twitter @powerhouse4ever)

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