Thursday, February 27, 2014


PMG Helped These Young Ladies to Step into Their Power

My daughter Clara Huff and I want to thank Yolanda Hinton for bringing us out to present to the Young Women Success Mentoring Program. We had a wonderful experience helping the young ladies to discover how to step into their power. We discussed young girls and women who have stepped into their power including American Heart Association heart ambassador and model/actress/singer Gabrielle Pinkney, Out The Box Ministry mime member and Grassfield High School track star Almoni Ellis, 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas, award-winning actress Gabourey Sidibe, entertainer and teen fashion icon Willow Smith and First Lady Michelle Obama. Clara, who is the Founder & Artistic Director of My Budding Picasso Art ( and a musician, showed how she steps into her power by playing "Sonata Vivant" on the violin and displaying her most recent artwork.

We played "Convince Me to Buy That Mirror", which was a game in which the young ladies had to convince each other why they should purchase a pink heart blinged out compact mirror. Each of the young ladies that participated in the signature PMG entrepreneurial-focused game received their very own compact mirror. Many of the young ladies were aspiring entrepreneurs and authors so it was a great game to play to see their salesman skills. 

According to the feedback sheets, what the young ladies liked most about our presentation was:

"The music, pep talk and energy" ~ Jalyn H.

"We had the presentation of Clara Huff's artwork". ~ Jaola G.

"The storytelling and discussing our ways of stepping into our power." ~ Kyndall S.

"I got to show my power." ~ Maya T.

As much as the young ladies learned from me, Clara and I learned from them. They were fabulous, fun and full of promise. We forward to seeing the manifestation of them stepping into their power.


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