Friday, November 16, 2012


POWERHOUSE MEDIA GROUP (Don’t Wait Until Thanksgiving to be Thankful)

In six days (Thursday, Nov 22nd to be exact), people will be gather around dinner tables across the country to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday. While telling loved ones that you love and appreciate them as well as acknowledging that you are thankful for a roof over your head, clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, employment, good health, etc is an a wonderful thing, let’s be clear that you should wait until this day, which comes once a year, to count your blessings. You should have something to be thankful for everyday and to make your thankfulness known to God.

In a world where so much is happening – good and bad – acknowledging what the Father has done for you as well as his grace and mercy bestowed upon you and yours should be a daily regimen. I think if I had to write down all that I was thankful for in a day’s time I would be exhausted and ready to remove the pen from my fingers – and I love to write.  But it’s just that serious for me. As I close out this Friday, I can say that I am thankful that God kept me safe throughout the day. I am thankful that the love I have for Jesus exudes from my pores and it attracts my colleagues to me for advice, encouragement, a listening ear or a laugh (they say I’m hilarious!). I am thankful for the hugs that Lady Clara gave me when I surprised her by picking her up from school. I am thankful for the big smile and huge hug that Sir Isaac gave me when I gifted him with a travel case of antique mini race cars (92 of them at that). I am thankful for the smile and warm greetings that I can give my downstairs neighbor who is also a solo mommy. I am thankful that my cell phone bill is paid which allowed me to deliver this POWERHOUSE POINTER on The Re-Up Radio Show tonight. I am thankful that my laundry wasn't locked up in the laundromat because it closes at 9 pm and that’s when I had to be on the line. I am thankful for the peace that I feel right now in the midst of some of life’s present storms.

No, I don’t have to wait until next week to say what I’m thankful for. Neither do you. Do me a favor and email me what you’re thankful for to The first person to do so will be featured as Powerhouse Media Group’s “Powerhouse Player of the Week” because acknowledging daily thankfulness is powerful.  I will post it here on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you for visiting us and do come again! ~ Feona Sharhran Huff, Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Media Group 


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