Thursday, August 2, 2012


Powerhouse Media Group Presents "A Movie & A Conversation" featuring Ms. Nappy Combs

If you were unable to come out this past Saturday to Powerhouse Media Group's debut monthly community event "A Movie & A Conversation" featuring the natural hair care documentary Ms. Nappy Combs: Her Hair Her Journey, please check it out below (as well as photos taken at the event). The documentary was  created and executive produced by Poetikk Justice of Urban Beauty Films, directed by Inez Kelley of Perspective Marketing and Management, and co-produced and edited by Don Trump of The Coup Experience.

After watching the documentary, we had real-talk about our natural hair, our lifestyle, our journey, our self-esteem, etc.

Please post your comments here. If you'd like Powerhouse Media Group to present a "Movie & A Conversation" event for your group or conduct a workshop on self-esteem, self-image, etc. at your next women's empowerment event, please email us at

Feona Sharhran Huff, Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Media Group with Latoria Brickhouse
(who recently cut her long-permed hair to embrace a natural journey)

Poetikk Justice, Creator and Executive Producer of "Ms. Nappy Combs" with Latoria Brickhouse

Guests watching "Ms. Nappy Combs" so intently

Guests watching "Ms. Nappy Combs" as VA radio personality and cast member
Cocoa Butter talks about her journey to natural hair

Inez Kelley, who directed "Ms. Nappy Combs", talks about natural hair

Poetikk Justice and panel engaging the guests at the Powerhouse Media Group's
"A Movie & A Conversation" after the screening of "Ms. Nappy Combs"

JP of U.S. Bullion Trade and Commission (a title sponsor for "Ms. Nappy Combs")
speaks and all are listening -- especially Ms. Brenda Andrews, publisher of
The New Journal and Guide (with white pants and head turned around)


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