Monday, June 11, 2012


Find YOUR Voice!

Have you discovered your calling in life? Four women shared their journey to finding their voice at Powerhouse Media Group's recent "Find YOUR Voice" workshop. Check out the photo footage. There will be another session in the coming months. If this workshop peaks your interest and you'd like more information, please email us or call us at (757) 202-3264.

 Poetikk Justice of Renaissance Woman Productions LLC
delivered a mind-blowing presentation

 Min Shontae Johnson shared her journey to finding her voice
and why other women must find theirs now.

 Songwriter and singer Sheila Holman talked about
finding her voice in singing as a child.

 Spoken Word Artist Blu engaged the audience with an
Ice Breaker activity to help them find their poetic voice.

These ladies of Hampton Roads, VA, are listening intently to what the 
presenters are saying about discovering one's calling or purpose in life.

 These women are tuning in intently to get savvy advice
on finding their voice.

 The presentation is getting good to these
lovely ladies of Hampton Roads, VA. 

Presenter and Spoken Word Artist Blu is getting inspired
by her fellow presenter to continue to share her voice.


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