Thursday, April 26, 2012


I Love Being a Girl 

(c) March 2011

By Feona Sharhran Huff

I love being a girl
and all that it entails
the fact of the matter is that
I wear the title very well
I love dolling up in blue A-line dresses
that stop above my legs
I love silver stilleto heels
and the absolute thrill
of turing everyone of your  heads

I love when my lip gloss is poppin 
in cotton candy pink or butterscotch rum
I love when men break their necks to open doors
give up their seats on the train
so I can maintain my delicate stature

I love being treated like the queen that I am
Not like some garden apparatus
I love being a girl to show other girls what it's all about
Let them know that pumps are fine
Timberlands have their day
if you want to climb

I love getting manicures and pedicures at the same time
Pampering is what makes a girl a dime
I love walking into a room just as cool as I please
and have folks reciting Maya Angelou's "Phenemenal Woman" 
as they fall down on their knees

I love slipping on slacks
in which I flext my curves
size 2, thank you
and after two babies?
That's crazy
but true
Being a girl allows me to rock it like I do

I love being a girl
because feminity takes me places
expands my spaces
I'm not trapped in a box with a limited view
I can see all the signs and wonders
I get it in, oh yes I do

I love being a girl
I can say it enough times
Now embrace your girlie girl
Repeat my rhyme
but this time
consider that the poem is about you

I just love..... being a girl!

In honor of April being "National Poetry Month", I will be posting poems penned by myself as well as other powerful people in my circle throughout the month. Enjoy them. Share yours at and I will surely post them on Powerhouse Media Group's site. 


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