Sunday, April 22, 2012


“Call Me Ms. Nappy” 
© April 19, 2012 


Ms. Nappy I am
And happy I be
No one can rock this twisted mohawk more diligently than me

It’s natural 
It’s classy
It’s unorthodox
It’s sassy

It speaks volumes of who I am
It embodies all that I need to be
What is that you ask?
It’s all natural ba-by

Not knocking anyone with chemicals
To each her own I say
But the way I feel about what God gave me
Perms get the five-finger wave
Oh no, that’s not for me

Strength is in my mane
Confidence is her name
Powerful is how I feel
If you’re natural, you know the deal

My hair is 100 percent free
To flow as it please
One day I may cut it off
A month later grow it back
Midway in the year shave the sides and leave a bit in the middle
Twist it up and make my hair giggle
Take them out by my December birthday and rock a fro
Oh, I don’t know

What I do know?
I have choices
There’s no limitation on my hair
Natural is versatility
It’s celebratory
It’s extraordinary
It’s me

Let me say it again
Call me Ms. Nappy
Two snaps and a twist cause I’m most certainly happy

In honor of April being "National Poetry Month", I will be posting poems penned by myself as well as other powerful people in my circle throughout the month. Enjoy them. Share yours at and I will surely post them on Powerhouse Media Group's site. 


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