Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Au Natural Hair is Powerful

This evening, I was so blessed to become an official cast member of the forthcoming documentary “Ms. Nappy Combs: Her Journey Her Natural Hair”.  This history making project is the brainchild and is being executive produced by my childhood friend and fellow creative powerhouse Poetikk Justice (posed with me to the left) along with Inez Kelley and Don Trump. As African-American women, our hair is associated with our glory. That being the case, the outlook of our hair texture is deeply rooted with both praise and pain, particularly with regards to being natural. Some – like me – embrace the natural look as a sign of confidence, strength, freedom, creative expression, power, appreciation, ancestral respect, history and peace while others see it as a nappy, kinky, course, wild and untamable mane.
From the moment that I entered the doors of the room where we primarily did our film shooting at the Huntersville Community Center in Norfolk, VA, to the time I left, there was no denying that the women who are also a part of “Ms. Nappy Combs” crew love the natural look in all its exquisite forms – from locks to twists, to fros and low-low cuts. I am full of joy to know that women like my childhood friend and church homegirl Charity Gibson as well as Papyllion Nu, Sheeba, Kim and others I met are on the same page. They are clear that their natural hair tells the story to the truth of who they are and why they are unafraid to be who they are and represent this knowing through their hair.
What I appreciate about what Poetikk Justice and the production team is doing with this documentary is in the fact that they are sharing the journey, struggles, triumphs and lessons learned of Black women who dared to go natural in a world that’s so bent on deeming permed hair as the epitome of beauty. This documentary tells the side of why natural hair is truly a beautiful thing like it’s never been told before. My fellow cast members and I are commitment to encouraging women to embrace what God gave them and to rock it with fierce intensity. There is so much that will come out of seeing this film when it finally hits a film festival or DVD near you! Just wait and see. I will be blogging about the progress of this project. Stay encouraged because au natural hair is powerful.
If you would like more information about "Ms. Nappy Combs: Her Journey Her Natural Hair", email Poetikk Justice at

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