Thursday, December 29, 2011



If you've ever planned an event, I'm sure you did your very best to market it. You pulled out all the bells and whistles to ensure that people knew about it and would be in attendance -- even down to the night before. Great. You received confirmations and your guest list began looking mighty long.

However, when the event was set to begin, you saw that no one was there -- well, all except for your volunteers. Most would call it "quits" and tell the help to go home. I would advise different. You put a lot of hard work into what you planned. You may not have the crowd you'd expected. But, you have yourself and a few others. The show should still go on.

Think about it this way... Someone may receive a breakthrough, receive clarity, come up with an idea or encourage you to keep pursuing your dream. It's not so much the quantity that matters but the quality, intent and blessings that come from seeing your event's vision 'til the end.  - Feona Sharhran Huff, CEO of Powerhouse Media Group


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