Wednesday, November 9, 2011



"Allow your steps to be ordered in humility today for it attracts blessings and favor." - Feona Sharhran Huff 

Not even five minutes after I posted this, I got off the bus in Hampton, VA, but still needed directions to get to my former college adviser's office at the university where he now works . I walked into a hardware store to get help. Turns out I was given incorrect directions from the transit info line. A gentleman in the store offered to point me the right way. But when he realized it would be a tremendously long walk, he gave me a ride and dropped me off in front of the campus building. Had I walked the distance, it would have taken me 30 minutes. Thank you Jesus for my intention to walk in humility and for sending me an angel.

Another blessing took place. It just so happens that the mass communication department was hosting a presentation of editors who work for some some of the most prestigious papers in the country. Dr. Francis McDonald (pictured beside me), my former college advisor, urged me to check it out. I had my resume handy. He made copies for me and I went to the presentation. I spotted the editor I was going to approach. When the presentation ended, I walked up to him to introduce myself and offered my resume. He complimented me on my resume delivery and accepted it. Then, he gave me his business card and promised he'd contact me. When I got in, I called and left a message on his office voicemail thanking him for his time and attention. I know that something great is going to come out of this. Humility, preparation and divine order is REAL!


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