Sunday, October 9, 2011


Determined to Receive a Word from The Lord

This morning, I woke up at 4:30 am. I was especially excited about this Sunday because I felt like God had a particular message for me. I put on a ministry CD and allowed the music to speak to my Spirit. Then, I got quiet and began reading the Book of Esther in the Holy Bible. I was bubbling with joy because the story of Esther’s courage was empowering. By the time I ate breakfast and showered, it was 7:30. I had planned to go to the church of one of my childhood play-play parents. I called up their daughter and asked if she was going but because she had something to do after church she wouldn’t be able to bring me home and I didn’t know the bus route in the Norfolk area.
Okay, Plan B. I decided that I’d go to the church of one of my college homegirls, Kesha. Since she said the church usually is packed by 9:30 am, I figured I’d be an early bird and left out the house to beat the line to get in. I got dolled up for the Lord’s house and made my way to the bus stop. I wasn’t sure what time the bus came, but I knew it couldn’t be any more than 30 minutes. I had a book to read to occupy my wait time so I wasn’t worried. After looking down the highway a few times, an older gentleman called for me and said the bus didn’t run until 12:30 pm. What?????????????! This couldn’t be happening. Here I was trying to get to the House of God and transportation seemed to be standing in my way. I felt a bit defeated and perplexed as to my next move. I didn’t have a car and I wasn’t sure if I had enough to catch a cab.
I made an about-face and went in the direction of the shopping plaza. Perhaps, I thought, I could get some minor shopping in. That obviously wasn’t in God’s plan for me because the shops didn’t open until 10 am, and at this point, I was going to have an hour and a half wait. I walked some more and ended up in front of The Dollar Tree, which opened up at 9 am. When the doors finally opened, I went in and took my time looking around. After an hour of browsing, I picked up a few needed items and proceeded to walk home. Then it dawned on me that perhaps I should try the church adjacent from my apartment complex. I hadn’t considered the church before since I was set on attending the churches that I was familiar with. I looked up at the church billboard and it indicated that service started at 10:15 am. Well, it was 10:06 am according to my cell phone. I had no excuse and if I truly felt like God had a Word for me, what was my problem?
I hesitated for a minute than mustered up the courage to walk through the church doors. I was immediately greeted by a man and a woman. I was given a visitor’s slip and a bulletin, then directed toward the sanctuary. Though it was unchartered territory, I felt the presence of the Lord in the building and I felt at ease. I eased right into the praise and worship portion of service. Then Ted came before the congregation to speak on the topic, “Remember Who You Are” and I began taking notes. At the conclusion of the teaching, here’s what I received:
“God knows who you are. And, God sees you are capable of being redeemed because He chose you. Therefore, you can face anything. You can have a different perspective on how to handle a situation. God has made you a co-heir with Jesus Christ.”
Oh my, I thought to myself. This is it. This is what God wanted me to get today. It’s in alignment with the journey I am on, too. There are some things that I’m dealing with and through Ted, I believe God was beckoning me to remember who I am in Him so that I can continue to walk in faith and assuredness for His word does not lie.
So you see… The very church that I had tried to avoid was the very one that gave me the word I needed to hear from my Father. When you feel down in your soul and Spirit that God has something for you to receive, don’t allow yourself to get in the way. Go get it. Then use the message to build a closer relationship with Jesus.


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