Wednesday, August 10, 2011



As the bus approached my stop, I took out my Metrocard (which had $1.75 left on it) and two quarters. I needed $2.25 for the one-way ride.
When I got on the bus and attempted to pay, plastic was covering the payment machine. I began thanking God for the free ride. In order to get to my students from where I dropped off my children, I have to take three buses (that is, if I don't want to walk). You can only get one transfer on a fair. When I caught the second bus, I'd be able to use the transfer for the third bus without paying again.
It may seem small to some but this occurance was a true blessing. I was expecting the favor of God today when I woke up this morning. I asked that His will be done and that He grant me grace and abundancy. I'm receiving it, too.
I not only want you to anticipate God's favor today, but tomorrow, next week, next year and all throughout your life. When you expect, you will receive. I'm proof positive.


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