Tuesday, August 9, 2011



As I was about to walk up the steps at the Nostrand Avenue train station on the 3 line, a gentleman was coming down who looked quite familar. When he got to the last step, I stopped him and said, "I know you from somewhere, right?" His response was, "Yes."
Turns out, we worked together at Goodwill Industries of Greater New York New Jersey about five years ago where I was a workshop facilitator. He was such a kind co-worker who loved the Lord. Today, he's the Assistant Pastor of his church. He gave me his business card to the church and I handed him information on my solo mommy movement.
I know our meeting was meant because as I prepare for The State of the Solo Mommy Address one of my target audiences is the churches. This was another door opening.
Be ready when you meet people (or reconnect with them). They may have what you need to take your project or cause to the next level or help more people learn about what you do. I'm following up with my former co-worker today. I'm expecting a favorable outcome.


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